Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party or catering an event?

Planning a dinner party for six, a few dozen or more close friends, we can help with your home cooked meal! Call us at Joyce's Everyday Gourmet and we can do all the home cooking for you and help customize your menu.


Half pans generally serve 8-12 people, full pans generally serve 16-20 people, depending on the dish. Please consult with our staff for quantity concerns.

Entrées  Due to the flucuating market prices, please call for current pricing

Chicken & Pasta (many varieties)

Pasta Marinara

Pasta Vodka


Sausage or Hot Dogs & Peppers

Chicken Marsala/Francaise

Chicken Parmesan

Cheese Lasagna

Meatball/Sausage Lasagna

Eggplant Parmesan

Homemade Mac & Cheese 

Baked Ziti 

Pasta & Ceci 

Pulled Pork 

Pot Roast 

Baked Ham

Roasted Pork Loin


Pasta Amelia
Lemon Orzo 
Asian Cole Slaw 
Traditional or Italian Potato Salad 
Tomato & Cucumber 
Tomato Mozzarella 
Garden/Caesar Salad
Chopped/Steak Salad 

Vegetables & Sides

Assorted Roasted Veggies 
Sautéed Green Beans
Potatoes Au Gratin
Scalloped Potatoes 
Roasted Root Veggies
Risotto (Many Varieties) 

Platters & Trays

Focaccia - Spinach, Chicken, Italian, Green Bean – 10 Sandwiches 
Stromboli – Many Varieties -
Sheet Pizza - Many Varieties, 24 pieces 
Wraps – Many Varieties – 10 Sandwiches 
Hummus/Salsa – With Pita Chips
Bruschetta - With Garlic Toast 
Cookies, Brownies, Twists 
Mini Cannolis, Eclairs & Cream Puffs